Anadolu Youth Association is a NGO working for the happiness of all humanity. Anadolu Youth Association, aware of responsibilities towards people and values inherited to himself, works in brotherhood, compassion and love for a world which is being ruled with justice leading to a liveable world. We believe that, as our prophet Muhammed (SAV) stated, “people’s best is the one, who cares and helps other people”. And also “no one of you become a true believer until he likes and wants for his brother what he likes and wants for himself”.

Like our head office in all parts of Turkey, in Fethiye, we organize activities, and run social projects targeting youth but out of biological age. We feel incomplete without people living in Fethiye and around. We feel sad if we can’t contact to visitors coming from abroad. Our principles for a better new world are; peace instead of conflict, dialogue instead of confrontation, cooperation instead of exploitation, justice instead of double-standard, equality instead of discrimination and consultation instead of oppression. Anadolu Youth Association is an exceptional organization with the strong belief and diligent effort to educate a generation and lead to a new better livable world.

We invite you (all living in Fethiye and around) to our activities. Not only to take part in them but also supporting us. Please write to us and request for a contact.


Anadolu Youth Association